We are the wordpress web design agency for you. We specialize in WordPress design, wordpress development. Wordpress is at the center of our business at WordPressmalaysia.Our web design agency is involved in developing custom themes and plugins for clients, configuring premium themes, or fixing and enhancing and maintaining existing WordPress websites.We are the web design agency for you.We specialize in WordPress development.

We are simply a highly skilled WordPress Agency dedicated to web design and web development projects. We Provide WordPress Services, WordPress SEO, WordPress Hosting and web applications that are reasonable and especially beautiful and clean WordPress websites.


WP Hosting Host your WordPress site in a fast, secure and reliable environment. We provide our clients with the right hosting plans and solutions for their unique needs. It is our understanding that every client has different needs in terms of scalability, security, support and control. Which is why we identify and provide the most appropriate hosting plan and solution for each project. We manage your hosting for you, our extensive experience with WordPress helps to find the best option for you.


WordPress Themes For a great WordPress site a quality theme is its’ heart. Our web development team can create unique themes for your exact requirements. It is a part of our business to develop custom themes for our clients according to their requirements . If your need is a custom WordPress theme developed specially for your business, then give us a call to find out how we can be of help.


WordPress Plugins WordPress has so many plugins that make your website interactive, but sometimes the available wordpress plugins can’t do exactly what you would like. When you find yourself in this fix, we will build custom plugins to meet your exact requirements. We also have long term plans to release a range of free plugins to the public on


Design for WordPress Good and clean website design is our costant aim. We believe that a WordPress site needs to be beautiful, easy to use, serve your business puposes, make your customers satisfied and stand the true test of time. We love clean and beautiful web design but at the same time we are aware of the functional requirements of the design. A truly good or great web design blends beauty with functionality and provides the following benefits to your business: Improves customers understanding of your brand Improve SEO Increases conversion rates Increases site sharing Increases value of your brand, products and services Our web design process involves not just graphic designers, but also copywriters, SEO managers and conversion experts. Also our passion towards the creative process.


WordPress SEO For all the hardwork put into creating a website is nothing without a search engine ranking, in short SEO. Google is fond of WordPress and we ensure that your code and content is up for grabs. Each day, potential customers look for web services online, and if they fail to find your website then they will be turned to one of your competitors. Improvements and increase in the listings on search engines like Google, search engine optimisation SEO is the most efficient, cost-effective and long term investment you can make in your online real estate domain. Our WordPress SEO managers and experts work to push your website up in the Google and other search engine rankings to get your website a push into a prime location in the web world.


Wordpress Blog can help you reach a wider audience and find new readers and potential clients by syncing your content that are updated regularly to Facebook and Twitter and connecting with people that are looking for you by using WordPress